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*250 words is considered one double spaced page in a 12 point font like 

Times New Roman




  1. Structural/Developmental Editing: $45 per 1000 words

  2. Stylistic/Line Editing: $40 per 1000 words

  3. Copyediting: $35 per 1000 words

  4. Proofreading: $25 per 1000 words




Proofreading and Copyediting 


Both are very labour intensive, and revisions require an equal amount of work 

as the original work, so the fee is offered at 30% off the original. 


Structural/Developmental and Stylistic/Line Editing 


Both are offered at 50% off, as the large changes are made in the first round of edits. 





  1. Researching/Fact Checking: $45 per 1000 words

  2. Sensitivity/Authenticity Reads: $15 per 1000 words


  1. Design/Layout/Formatting (Print): $25 hr per 1000 


Coaching/Consulting $45 hr 


For example: 


  • Lists of specific publishers

  • How to approach your specific writing genre

  • How you get unblocked/writing exercises/ideas

  • General feedback or encouragement so you can write that next chapter/poem 

  • Answering writing/research questions 


(Other, contact me to discuss) 


What other types of material do I edit? 


  1. Novels

  2. Short stories

  3. Non-fiction

  4. Non-fiction proposals

  5. Creative non-fiction

  6. Essays

  7. Articles

  8. Resumes

  9. Dissertations

  10.     10.Webpages

  11. Blogs

  12.     12.Newsletters

  13.     13.Non-fiction books, proposals


other- contact me


I am familiar with the AP style for journalism, Chicago style for publishing, APA style for scholarly writing and MLA style for scholarly citation. 



Poetry Editing 


I have extensive training in the field of poetry. I offer three packages. I’ll read your poetry and offer suggestions how you can strengthen each poem. I’ll look at word choice, similes, metaphors, images, and how the poem sounds when it’s read aloud. I’ll ask if the theme of the poem is consistent throughout, are there repetitive words, and how the poem impacts the reader. Most of all, I’ll do so letting you accept or reject my editorial suggestions in the end. You have poetic control. It is never an editor’s job to change the author’s voice, rather only make suggestions to make your work stronger. 


Often a poetry editor will indicate which poetry they read, or what poetic voices they are drawn to. I feel as a poetry editor, it’s my job to look at how your words are making poetry on the page. My personal poetic likes and dislikes must be cast aside as I read your poetry. It’s my sole purpose to read your words silently, read them aloud, and only make suggestions on how to make your poem more impactful and publishable- or any other poetic goal we have agreed upon together. 





$120 ten pieces of poetry


$200-$275 chapbook of poetry between: 30 to 50 pages


$350-$500 full length book of poetry: 60-110 pages


If you would like individual poems edited/evaluated: $20 hr

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